The Palazzo Barbaro at sunsetCiao bellas! Just back from Italia, where I spent a glorious week in Rome and Venice. I was wishfully thinking it would be a little more spring-like there, thoughts of wearing cute little silk sun dresses that have been tucked away in dark closets during the winter months, exposing my sad little white feet to the sun, alas, it was a little too chilly for those dreamings, but gorgeous nonetheless.

San Marco by duskHere are few pictures of things that particularly inspired me on this trip – what do the sum of these things add up to? To me, what I love about what I see in Italy is this fantastic mix of preserving the old, patina-ed stone walkways, grottos, canals, and palazzos and trying to live modern life among it. The most poignant example of that is of course Venice, a sinking city, built on an impossible dream well over a 1,000 years ago. Still glorious in its faded beauty, I hope some of these pictures convey how much life is still in this incredible city on the lagoon.

A friend contemplating the view from the Ca D’Oro