A Wedding Bouquet for a Movie
O.k., Petalena didn’t actually go to Hollywood, but since Hollywood is coming to Boston constantly to shoot movies in our fair city, we’ve been doing some work in film too! Below is a photo of a bouquet and boutonnière we did last week for a movie shooting in Boston.

Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnière for a Film Shooting in Boston

Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnière for a Film Shooting in Boston

I wish we could say which movie it is, but since it is still in the filming stage, we just can’t say, it’s super duper TOP SECRET! But let me just say, we’ll be so psyched to see our floral designs on the big screen!!

About the Color Palette
Using apricot and burgundy together is really a gorgeous color combination. Apricot is one of those great colors, not quite pink, not quite orange, softly beautiful and looks lovely with most skin tones to boot! Incorporating a deeper burgundy in the mix keeps the design from feeling too precious, giving it a little punch and accent. Looking at other designers, you can see how the talented folks at Martha Stewart use it; and how the amazing Ariella Chezar does as well.

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Beautiful photo by our friend and supremely talented photographer, Claire Folger.