Sweet Little Daisies
Wow, who knew we would be on such a roll exploring the beauty of small things? Either I’m a little obsessed or it’s one of those things, that once you start thinking about it, it just keeps percolating up. These mini-daisies are just such completely happy-looking flowers in all their smallness.

Dasiy Arrangement for a Mom's 60th Birthday

Daisy Arrangement for a Mom on Her Birthday

In follow up to our post yesterday “Back from the Market” here is little photo (please excuse the photo quality!) of the arrangement for a friend’s mother on her 60th birthday. Daisies have a special sentimental value to her since she had them in her own wedding bouquet years ago, so this will be thoughtful treat and surprise from her daughter at her birthday dinner at Aquitaine tonight!

This was fun one because we rarely use daisies, Apryl and I both love using local flowers, but daisies just aren’t part of our flower vocabulary most of the time. But it’s always a good experience to work with material you normally wouldn’t!

Photo and design by Petalena.