For our wedding this weekend we were so happy to use one of our favorites of the tiny, darling flower family, chocolate cosmos! Named ‘chocolate’ not just for their dark color but because this variety also has a slightly chocolate fragrance. (Well, they don’t exactly smell like chocolate, more like the ‘scratch and sniff’ sticker kind of chocolate, but still yummy!)

Chocolate Comos amungst Peach

Chocolate Comos amongst Peach

Comos in general are wonderful flower for arrangements, coming in a variety of colors from ivory, to pale pink, to a deeper magenta, and a dark almost burgundy in the summer months. I love them because they remind me of my grandmother who grew them in her Maine garden every summer. They are a Victorian kind of flower, old-fashioned and lovely. The chocolate cosmos are only available in fall which make them something to savor.

Darling Cosmos

Darling Cosmos

Floral Design & Photos by Petalena