Orchids are probably our favorite variety of flower to work with.
The range of color, texture, and style within this one type of flower is just incredible; there are thousands of design expressions that can be done using these unique blooms.

Summertime Orchids, bold and bright

Photo by Joyelle West Photography

Summertime Orchid Bouquet – Fuchsia and gold harmonize above, making for a perfect bold and bright summer bridal bouquet. Here, yellow-orange “Mokara” orchids are used along with tiny yellow oncidium orchids and magenta-red gloriosa lilies. Such a gorgeous photo of a bouquet we did taken by the lovely and talented Joyelle West.
For more photos of this wedding, you can visit the post from earlier in the year.

Winter Elegance Bouquet

Photo by Channing Johnson

Winter Elegance Bouquet – a dramatic bouquet but in a very different color palette. Primarily made up of gorgeously huge ivory phalenopsis and cattleya orchids – this might be one of our favorite orchid bouquets of all time! We also added a few touches of red with lovely ‘James Storrie’ orchids – they are bit spindly and spidery looking, great for color and texture accents. Thanks to Channing Johnson for capturing it so beautifully.


Photo by Claire Folger

Raspberry Jardin Bouquet– When we show clients this bouquet many are surprised that orchids make up most of the arrangement. While it is unusual with the long trailing amaranthus, the flowers feel soft and delicate here. Buttery yellow cymbidium orchids with deep pink colored centers are surrounded by raspberry foliage for soft ‘fresh from the garden’ look.

Phalenopsis Posie

Photo by Scott Metzger Photography

Summer Chic Posie – Orchids are really our favorites flowers to use as a showcase flower. Here we paired one large white phalenopsis orchid with blue clematis buds and foliage for a simple and stunning posie bouquet.

All floral designs by Petalena.