Even though it is dreary, dreary winterness in Boston these days, going to the market still manages to brighten my spirits. Although we don’t have spring in the city yet the market does!

We did a special and luxurious birthday arrangement this weekend that featured all the blooming hopefulness of spring:

Spring Hopefulness Arrangement

Spring Hopefulness Arrangement

We used blush pink flowering quince branches, ballerina pink tulips, white lilac and white sweet peas. These are pretty much my favorite flowers, I just love the flowers of spring.

Detail of Bouquet and Vase

Detail of Bouquet and Vase

And a last photo, a bit further away:

Another view of spring arrangement

Another view of spring arrangement

A bit about the container the flowers are in, interesting, right?

We did this for a person who loves the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. If you’ve been, you may have noticed how the restrooms have these really cool tiles in them.

One says:

“Win as though you were used to it and lose as if you liked it”

And the other says:

“Secret de Deux
Secret de Dieu
Secret de Trois
Secret de Tous”

Both tiles have a slightly mysterious quality and who knows where Gardner found them or why she placed them where she did, but I love the experience of stumbling upon them in the museum.

So, to actually make the container, we apoxyed these two reproduction tiles to two sides of a modern square glass container; then apoxyed two reproduction tiles of Islamic tile at the Gardner Museum displayed in the Spanish Cloister near the incredible painting by John Singer Sargent, El Jaleo.

I love how this container project turned out, modern in style but with a bit of a story too. I might have to make myself one now!

Flowers and Design by Petalena.