Apryl and I did some design work this morning for “Stuff Boston” magazine (aka and formally known as “Stuff @ Night”) for their new “Reside” column. I’m really liking the new online face of “Stuff Boston” – more well-rounded, focused on style, food, AND cool stuff to do. Highly recommend checking it out.

Anyhoo, we’re doing flowers for a few of their featured interiors thanks to the freelance stylist we worked with on a Boston Globe piece for January, Marni Katz of Style Carrot (also a very fab blog to check out).

Anemones and Lavender Petit Bouquet

Anemones and Lavender Petite Bouquet

For this interior, which has a “European feel with a vintage touch,” we decided to do some beautiful spring flowers. Note, photos on this post are taken in my dining room in the city before delivery, not of the actual interior but we’ll link to photos of those soon!

Anemones and Lavender Bouquet on my antique French sofe

Anemones and lavender bouquet on my antique French sofa

We did two arrangements, one for a beside table and one for the living room. For the bedroom we did the arrangement above. Sweet and petite, personal feeling so it fits naturally within the interior. I did the arrangement in a cool olive-colored goblet we picked up on major sale at Anthropologie, just perfect for small little bouquets! I keep one of these at my house and use it all the time.

Fruitillaria, tulips, and fiddleheads

Fruitillaria, tulips, and fiddlehead bouquet

For the living room, which has fun Kelly green walls and rust orange sofa, we worked with gorgeous and dramatic fruitillaria. Fruitillaria is such an incredible flower with so many different colors and sizes, it’s really a spring treasure. For the bouquet, we paired two kinds of fruitillaria with deep salmon colored tulips and dark brown fiddleheads.

And a detail of the bouquet:

Yellow fruitillaria

Yellow fruitillaria up-close

Apryl arranging one of the bouquet

Apryl arranging one of the bouquets

Happy spring!

Floral Design by Petalena