Apryl and I have been receiving a lot of compliments by our brides on the design proposals we do. So we started to think that this might be a blog-worthy topic!

What we like about doing a thorough design proposal is that it helps both us and the client. We really do believe each wedding is special and unique – so our design proposals reflect the necessary close-listening and thinking that needs to happen when meeting with each new client.

Apryl & me looking at design proposal

Apryl & me looking at design proposal. Photo by Channing Johnson.

We spend a lot of time on each proposal so it is more than just a price list – rather a more nuanced picture of the event and clients’ desires.  Once a contract is signed and we are working with a client, the design proposal becomes an important working tool for us as we work on a wedding.  In photo above, we’re actually reviewing our design proposal as we design, I promise, this wasn’t staged!

Our process for creating a good design proposal begins with translating our notes from our in-person conversations with the client(s) and distilling it into three key elements:

  • An itemized list of all the design elements (i.e. # of bouquets, bouts, corsages, table arrangements, etc.)
  • A narrative description of the designs
  • A mood board with examples of flowers, colors, textures, etc as inspiration

Below are images from one of our current working design proposals with each of these three elements:

Page 1: Itemized List of All Floral Designs

Page 1: Itemized List of All Floral Designs

Page 2 of a Design Proposal

Page 2: Narrative Description

Page 4: Mood Board

Page 3: Mood Board