May 2010

Is it just me, but aren’t gray days are so beautiful for color? We’re so happy to follow up on a previous post with photos from one of our absolute favorite photographers, Connie Miller of Studio Atticus!

Sooo magazine, no? Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

Apryl and I keep looking and looking at this photo, it’s just so dreamy! I love the casualness of her gesture, reaching down to adjust her dress, the elegance of her silhouette  set against the arch of the church, and the way the pink pops against the ivory and cool gray stone.

Bouquet for Anna. Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

This photo is almost too much prettiness! Love, love, love. The bridal bouquet we did for Anna with a tonal pink range of peonies and sweet peas.

Phalenopsis Orchid Boutonniere. Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

One simple pure white phalenopsis orchid for a boutonniere. Note the pink pocket square (this is always a great way to tie in colors but keep the flowers neutral still).

Reception Loveliness – We did flowy, lush centerpieces of spring time blooms – spirea, peonies, tulips, and viburnum in pinks and ivories. Taller arrangements at the guest book and place card tables featured long stemmed French tulips and long arch boughs of white spirea and dogwood branches.

View of the Tent at the Pavillion. Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

Pretty Table 11. Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus.

Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

Sweetheart Table with Bouquet. Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

Cake with a waterfall of flowers. Photo by Connie Miller of Atticus Studio, 2010.

I loved the cake flowers, they looked good enough to eat (although I’m sure the cake tasted much better!).

Flowers for the Guest Book Table. Photo by Connie Miller of Atticus Studio, 2010.

Tall french tulips in ivory and others that look almost ‘dusted’ in pink at their edges were paired with long arch boughs of spirea and tall dogwood stems. The stems in the vase ended up looking a little more unsightly than we expected so we quickly put a few bands of pale pink ribbon up the length of the tall vase.

Guest Book Table Arrangement (detail). Photo by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus, 2010.

Love, love this photo too. Sigh. For more photos of this wedding, visit Studio Atticus’ blog.

Photos by Connie Miller of Studio Atticus

Florals by Petalena

After our wedding last weekend, I went up to visit my parents in Maine. I love visiting them in the spring, my mother’s wonderful garden is always about three weeks behind Boston so she has tulips and daffodils still growing long after my own have passed. She made this arrangement for me which until yesterday was residing on my bedside table. I just think it is so lovely.

Bedside tulips from my mom's garden. Petalena, 2010.

Beautiful without being overdone. Simple and sort of tumble-y with the trailing Bleeding Heart flowers and foliage joined with the tulips.

The red and white tulips in this arrangement might be my newest floral obsession – Carnival de Nice. I just adore them – they start off with very tight little small buds in the garden, growing to this wonderful full form (below) with layers upon layers of petite little petals.

Carnival de Nice Tulip. Petalena, 2010.

Once they open, they look look this.  Don’t they look like someone took a red paintbrush to them?


Today is such a lovely and gloriously sunny windy day, I can hardly believe it is part of the same weekend as yesterday with the crazy downpours and gray weather! Saturday’s wedding was at the Museum of Science Pavilion. Has anyone ever seen this space? It’s right at the mouth of the Charles, very low to it, with the most wonderful views. Gorgeous, even on a chilly May day.

The Tent at the Museum of Science. Petalena, 2010.

Here’s a little behind -the-scenes shot (above) while we were getting everything prepped.  Apryl and I both loved the lanterns in the tent (which the museum keeps up for the entire season).

Now onto the flowers:

Apryl working on the place card table design. Petalena, 2010.

Our bride and her wonderful mother wanted a color palette of tonal pinks with some touches of white and spring green. This really is the perfect season for this palette since there are unique green and white parrot tulips available as well as pink tulips in almost any hue a girl could ask for, and peonies of course too!

Table Arrangement at the Museum of Science. Petalena, 2010.

We added some trailing branches of white spirea and green hellebore to the table arrangements which gave the style a looser more garden-y look.  It was also great to incorporate these blooms since they can be sourced locally at this time of year and more unique because of their seasonality.

Lush Cake Flowers. Petalena, 2010.

Decorating the cake is always my department which is fun in a quiet, meditative way but challenging too. It seems like I am always, always, always on site at around 4pm absolutely starving whilst decorating some lovely buttercream confection! But I do love the hush that comes over me as I work on the cake, all the background commotion fades and I just focus. For this cake, I used lots of garden roses, a few peonies, and some lovely phalenopsis orchids to create this floral ‘waterfall’ affect.

Table Arrangement at the Museum of Science. Petalena, 2010.

Waiting for the Bride's Bouquet. Petalena, 2010.

For the bride and groom’s sweetheart table, we did a scattering of petals, garden roses and orchids. Simple, lush, and pretty. We like to do this whenever we have extra flowers since it can dress up the table a bit until the bride arrives and places her bouquet in the vase.

Table Detail. Petalena, 2010.

I love the interplay of colors and textures in this photo. The green and white do so much to freshen and brighten, and the pinks are so lovely.

And lastly, here’s the view from the pavilion – a little gray, but I think it might have cleared up a bit by the time cocktail hour began!

View to the Charles, Museum of Science. Petalena, 2010.

A special thanks to Leigh-Ann French at the Museum of Science and the entire staff there.

Cake by Cake For Occasions

Photos and design by Petalena.

I feel a tad bit rusty as I write this post about our first big wedding of the 2010 season, but as I type the words I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this again!

We were very lucky floral designers indeed this past week with a wonderful and creative bride and a plethora of gorgeous spring blooms to chose from for her May 1st wedding at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown. With a color palette of apricot, ivory, and coral, really, does it get any more beautiful than this?:

Detail of Large Arrangement of Peonies, Lilac, Roses, and Dogwood. Petalena, 2010.

We think not, but I’m sure we’ll proceed to discuss amungst ourselves as wedding season continues and we get to work with more great clients and wonderful flowers!

Our bride’s bouquet was an elegant ruffley affair with white and blush peonies, white sweet peas and ranunculas. It look edible. Seriously.

Bridal Bouquet in White. Petalena, 2010.

And lovely bridesmaid bouquets in apricot and white. Oh sigh:

Bridesmaid Bouquets in Apricot and Ivory. Petalena, 2010.

We did some lovely floral pew ends at the church and the large scale arrangement detailed above also went up on the altar but the church photos I took are a little lackluster (poor lighting, etc), so let’s not kill the buzz. It’s reception time people!

Floral centerpiece with lilac, garden roses, tulips, and peonies. Petalena, 2010.

Ridiculous, no? In a good way, but could these flowers be more beautiful? For half of the seventeen tables we did bronze footed urns were filled with crabapple and lilac branches, peonies, garden roses and spray garden roses, and tulips. Just yummy.

The other half of the table were lovely candles and votives surround by peonies and garden roses. We can’t wait to see how the professional photos turned out from the evening once the candles were lit!

Candle Centerpieces with Peonies and Garden Roses. Petalena, 2010.

Table Arrangement. Petalena, 2010.

Candle Centerpieces with Flowers. Petalena, 2010.

Floral Table Design. Petalena, 2010.

Flowers for the Chairs of the Bride & Groom. Petalena, 2010.

Flowers for the Chairs of the Bride & Groom. Petalena, 2010.

We were so happy with everything and to top it off we received an email from our bride today just before she left for her honeymoon which said:

“I had to write before we left for our honeymoon to say thank you for the most beautiful flowers that we have ever seen. From the bouquets to the church arrangements to the tables and the sweetest cocktail hour vases … I can’t even get over it. We had the chance to walk into the tent before anyone had seen it — all lit up and beautiful — and it absolutely took my breath away. It was all more lovely than I ever could have imagined. And people were FREAKING OUT about how beautiful everything looked — so many of my friends and family came up to say something wonderful about the flowers. Thank you for creating Petalena and for sharing your amazing gifts with the world in this way!”

Awwwww! We love our clients! Here’s to a lovely wedding season, it’s off to a great start!

A special thanks too to Tammy Fernandez-McKenna at the Commander’s Mansion & Jennifer Cox of Esq. Events

Photos and Design by Petalena