Just a few lovely photos from my friend Katherine’s wedding that took place in early June at the beautiful seaside community of Nonquitt. It is such a dreamy  ‘world’s end’ sort of place…

Shepard's Hook with Peonies, Thistle, and Queen Anne's Lace

We did  a lovely neutral color palette of ivories and pale lavenders with lots of greenery and foliage accents. Our couple wanted the floral design to feel of the landscape around Nonquitt – not too flowery, but lots of textures of silvery greens and blues.

The Wedding March!

And my dear friend, looking so beautiful as she is walked down the aisle with her antique-style veil and dress and bouquet of course!

Katherine's Bouquet, detail

We put in lots of pretty small floral touches like grape hyacinth (a miracle to be found at the flower market in June!),  one beautiful clematis flower, lavender scabiosa, and as much dreamy Queen Anne’s Lace as a girl can ask for! We also added in some arching seeded eucalyptus foliage for that silver-green touch as well as some sweet Mock Orange.

One of the sweetest flower girls ever!

I just love the sweet little photo of one of the flower girl. The turn of her head toward the camera reminds me so much of the Vermeer painting, The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I’ve just been reading this fascinating book, Everything that Rises: A Book of Convergences by Lawrence Weschler. This is kind of a side bar, but the book discusses the idea that humans put together visual images in a particular way and have been doing it for thousands of years, he draws fascinating comparisons between a Turner painting and some of the heart wrenching photographs of the 9-11 site and many others. I realized in looking at this photo, that is has that it has a visual rhyme with the Vermeer. But I’m rambling here…

Detail of table centerpiece with clematis

The reception took place in a lovely tent overlooking a beautiful bluff with the ocean beyond. Katherine and Tim planned many of the details themselves since both have great sense of design. They chose burlap toppers for the tables and designed beautiful place cards for each table, naming each table after a plant that is indigenous to Nonquitt. The natural aesthetic of the flowers worked perfectly. Most of the tables had larger centerpieces filled loads of Queen Anne’s Lace and seeded eucalyptus for lots of movement. A few pieces of green viburnum or fantastic ruffled antique blue hydrangea were added in a few big pops of color or floral-ness and touches of blue-silver thistle added texture and surprise. The family tables were unique from the other tables with tall hurricane candles and surrounded by bud vases of peonies, grape hyacinth, and Queen Anne’s Lace (seen above).

Centerpieces with table settings

We tucked mint into each napkin and placed lanterns made by the bride at each table. The next few photos are bit blurry, but I loved the arrangements, so had to include them.

Table arrangements with ruffled blue hydrangea

Green hydrangea centerpiece

Silvery-green and lavender centerpiece

It was such a wonderful wedding to contribute to and so special to attend as a guest as well! All my congrats to Katherine and Tim!

The Boardwalk at Nonquitt

Nonquitt view

Florals by Petalena

Photos by Piyush Shukla