Purple-burgundy jewel tones might be our new favorite color palette. It’s rich and gorgeous.

Bride's Bouquet. Petalena, 2010.

Here is our bridal bouquet, bright and dramatic all at the same time (thanks to those gorgeous light purple and white tipped dahlias!).  Dark purple clematis and burgundy dahlias, were a few of the other flowers…love, love, love.

Bouquet, with a bit of the handle detail. Petalena, 2010.

I love how ethereal all the clematis buds make the bouquet look. Note the silver silk wrapped with crushed purple velvet. Yummy.

Bridesmaid Bouquet. Petalena, 2010.

And the bridesmaid bouquet too – a bit more dark purple and a bit smaller, but we loved this one too.

We’ll continue our post on this wedding with a part two shortly on the reception!

Photos and Florals by Petalena