We’re a little sad to see summer pass, but looking forward to all the lovely fall weddings we will be working on this year. Lots and lots in September and October – some jewel toned, some orange and browns, some local-sourced, some exotic-inspired. But, let’s kick off the new season with a lovely photo from a fall wedding last year by Blue Water Photography.

Wedding Bouquet by Petalena, 2010. Photo by Blue Water Photography.

Thanks to our lovely bride Sylvia for sending it our way. It was really a dreamy bouquet with painted fern, garden roses, dahlias, and loads of textures. A soft and neutral color palette that hinted towards fall with the brown cymbidium orchids and purple-burgundy smokebush.


I finally off-loaded the last of our fall 2010 weddings from le snazzy camera onto the ┬álaptop, so let the photos commence! These are two pretty details of the bouquet featured in our last post. I love the light and the feathery maidenhair ferns that edge the bouquet…

Bouquet detail - dahlias and hellebore. Petalena, 2010.

Bouquet detail. Petalena, 2010.


Apryl and I just finished up personal flowers for a lovely bride this past weekend. She really wanted a wild, slightly natural look to fit with her informal nature and love of the outdoors.

About the color palette:
Rifting on our post from the other week about autumn weddings using less traditional ‘fall’ colors, this wedding had a palette that hinted toward the fall with chocolate cosmos and orange ilex berries but stayed light and airy feeling with gorgeous peach, ivory, and chartreuse cymbidium orchids.


Apryl holding the bride's bouquet

A bouquet that’s light to hold: This is something a lot of brides might not think of, but it’s really nice when you have a light bouquet, your hands and arms don’t get tired!
Bouquets that have a lot of orchids are often very light because each flower is individually wired. Although this often increases the price because of the delicate and time consuming nature of wiring each flower, the results are worth it when you want something a little exotic and delicate looking that is a breeze to hold.


Close up of Bride's Bouquet

Carrying out the color theme: In the bridesmaid bouquets we carried the elegant slightly autumnal aesthetic with a bit more orange with the inclusion of orange mokara orchids and orange ilex berries. We also found some incredible light burgundy cymbidium orchids that fit the design perfectly.


Bridesmaid Bouquets

All photos and floral design by Petalena.

For our wedding this weekend we were so happy to use one of our favorites of the tiny, darling flower family, chocolate cosmos! Named ‘chocolate’ not just for their dark color but because this variety also has a slightly chocolate fragrance. (Well, they don’t exactly smell like chocolate, more like the ‘scratch and sniff’ sticker kind of chocolate, but still yummy!)

Chocolate Comos amungst Peach

Chocolate Comos amongst Peach

Comos in general are wonderful flower for arrangements, coming in a variety of colors from ivory, to pale pink, to a deeper magenta, and a dark almost burgundy in the summer months. I love them because they remind me of my grandmother who grew them in her Maine garden every summer. They are a Victorian kind of flower, old-fashioned and lovely. The chocolate cosmos are only available in fall which make them something to savor.

Darling Cosmos

Darling Cosmos

Floral Design & Photos by Petalena

Presentation Style Bouquets – Writing about vintage weddings photos a few weeks ago got us thinking and playing around with modernizing some of these looks.

Presentation Style Bouquet

Presentation Style Bouquet

Here we were just playing around with creating a presentation bouquet. I’m calling it our “Anthropologie Bouquet” – not sure why but something about the color palette and ‘feel’ reminds me of the brand aesthetic of Anthropologie. This bouquet has a muted color palette of feathery brown, warm ivories and deep – almost black – burgundy, and chartreuse (a color that is making a fantastic comeback!).

Detail of Presentation Bouquet

Detail of Presentation Bouquet

Flowers include ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias, papheopedilum orchids, tuffted wheat, purple fountain grass, and scabiosa. Somehow I think this bouquet is both rustic and natural but modern too. Above is a nice close up of the orchids, they are so bizarrely wonderful aren’t they?

Off to the flower market early, early tomorrow morning to order for an upcoming wedding so time for bed!

Floral design by Petalena
Photo by Claire Folger