We love lush, pretty, tumbling flowery things here at Petalena (and  maybe just a little bit over the top flowery gorgeousness too!). But we also like to mix things up, creating other styles for clients who are looking for something a bit more ’rounded’ or contemporary like this fun wedding we did for a wonderful couple for their late summer wedding in Boston.

Bride's Bouquet. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

For our bride, we did a bouquet of tonal pinks using about five varieties of garden roses and a few dahlias for a very pretty and rounded look.  The mounted rose bouquet style can risk looking too monotonous so we like to vary the scale of the flowers used to create a dome shape. This keeps the style from feeling unnaturally ‘too perfect.’

Bridsmaid Bouquets. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

Bridesmaid bouquets were a bit smaller in scale and were a bit paler with more additions of pale cameo pink roses. Pretty, pretty.

Centerpieces for the Trustee Ballroom at Boston University where slightly on the petite side and rounded in shape with the use of waterlily style dahlias, dianthus and carnations, and garden roses. Completely bright, festive, and fun!

Table Design of Pinks. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

Carnations have received a bad rap but mixed in together in a tonal way with other rounded floral shapes, they are absolutely fantastic. Who doesn’t love a ruffle-y edged flower that smells fantastic and lasts for weeks?

Stay tuned on carnations and other super rounded flower forms, this might be a perfect topic for a July or August Flower Class with Petalena!


Roger & Gallet Vintage Carnation Soap.

(Plus, I have a bit of soft spot for carnations since my grandmother used the most wonderful carnation-scented soap by Roger & Gallet.)

Thank you to James and Nicole for having us be part of your special day.
And, additional thanks to Tara Morris of Hitched Studios for the beautiful photos!

Flowers & Design by Petalena
(Soap by Roger & Gallet!)