Exciting news! We’re working on redoing our website so everything will be all together in one gorgeous place! Looking through photos yesterday in preparation for this, I wanted to share this lovely photo by Kelly Dillon Photography of the May wedding we worked on together. I just love the light, the color and play of textures here (isn’t pale pink, coral, and peach is the dreamiest combination ever…):

Early summer bouquet by Petalena. Photo by Kelly Dillon Photography, 2011.

xo- Petalena

Garden romantic meets strong geometric shapes in this wedding from June at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
We worked with our clients, Eleanor and Nigel, to create a beautiful stylish design fitting for the space and occasion with a color palette of ivory, peaches, and coral.

Bouquet by Petalena (detail); Photo by Simi Rabinowitz.

Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets featured those gorgeous “Coral Charm” peonies that we can never, ever get enough of, “Juliet” and “Caramel Antique” garden roses, along with some sweet little lovely spray garden roses called “Lea Romantica.” Added touches of scented white jasmine vine, mint, and sweet pea gave some gestural touches to the bouquets and centerpieces.

Bouquets by Petalena. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz Photography.

There are great options out there beyond calla lilies for boutonnieres (not that we don’t like calla lilies…) like small garden roses here with touches of jasmine flower and vine for the groom.

Groom's Boutonniere by Petalena. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz Photography.

The ceremony and reception took place at the hotel, overlooking the harbor. We did tall arrangements filled with white hybrid delphinium, ivory spirea, roses, and peonies to complement the bouquets:

Ceremony Arrangement by Petalena. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz Photography.

Centerpieces were our lush organic style but in more geometric containers. We’re big fans of footed vases, urns, and other unique things but it was great to see how good this kind of floral style still looks (and maybe a bit in contrast with the container that holds it too):

Centerpiece by Petalena. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz.

Square Centerpiece by Petalena. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz Photography.

And lastly a sea of linens, glass, and florals…just really, really pretty:

Room view with florals at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Photo by Simi Rabinowitz Photography.

Thank you again to Eleanor and Nigel for having Petalena be part of your day; and to Simi Rabinowitz for the beautiful photographs.

~ Petalena

We wanted to share some of the beautiful photographs of photographer Kelly Dillon of a wedding we did together in May at the Boston Public Library. My favorite color palette so far this season – what can I say? I am spring girl at heart!

Centerpieces for this lovely wedding were in a color palette of soft apricot and coral with greens and soft beiges to neutralize and soften the palette. The couple found lots of beautiful antique books and personalized each one with an inscription to each wedding guest.

Centerpiece with personalized books and brown mercury glass. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Tulips and peonies in a bronze footed urn. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

'Coral Charm' peony with tulips. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

The ridiculously huge beautiful flower in this photo – a variety of peony called “Coral Charm” might be my all-time favorite flower. When it first opens, it is a lovely bright coral-pink color but as it opens over a few days it softens so apricot and then pale, pale yellow before dying.

Pretty vingette. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Room view at the Boston Public Library. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Bouquets were in a slightly softer color palette (none of the coral touches) with a bit more apricot from parrot tulips and soft pink with Sarah Bernheart pale pink peonies. Just loved making these bouquets with the colors and textures…

Bouquets all in a row. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Bridal bouquet. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Bouquet, detail. Photo by Kelly Dillon.

Floral and Table Design by Petalena

Photography by Kelly Dillon

Petite Spring Bud Vase by Petalena. Photo by Krista Photography.

With the quieter months of winter (and negative zero temps in Boston today!), it’s nice to have time to reflect on the design work we did over the past season.  Today we’re sharing some beautiful photographs by Krista Photography of one of our spring weddings which is also currently featured in The Knot Boston Magazine’s “Real Weddings” section (page 68).

We worked with our wonderful bride Sylvia on this color palette – creating soft lovely bouquets of blush, apricots, and ivories and saving up some deeper more dramatic punches of color for the reception.

Pretty bouquets all in a row. Photo by Krista Photography.

We just love this photo of our client in her beautiful gown, looking so happy!

With bouquet. Photo by Krista Photography.

Bouquet, detail. Photo by Krista Photography.

In this up-close photo of the bouquet you can see some of the specific flowers a bit more – pretty soft white ranunculas, lush full white and soft blush peonies, and a few tendrils of white sweet peas peeking out here and there. These really are some of our favorite flowers, so purely and exquisitely beautiful – even just one of these flowers in a little bud vase is perfection.

Centerpieces waiting to go out to the tent. Photo by Krista Photography.

Even though this wedding was in May, it was that unseasonably HOT day in Massachusetts where temperatures were something like almost 90 degrees? Crazy! With the wedding taking place in the lovely tent at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, we kept everything cool inside until the last possible moment. Even though this was not where the flowers ended up, I still like this photo, they are almost like ladies-in-waiting, sitting on a beautiful old side board.

Entry Arrangement at the Commander's Mansion. Photo by Krista Photography.

Entry Arrangement at the Commander's Mansion. Photo by Krista Photography.

Apryl and I were so pleased to see this nice photograph of the entry arrangement. While I have a somewhat snazzy camera for Petalena, I do have a tough time getting decently attractive photographs of bigger arrangements, I can make them, just not photograph them! Apryl found this vintage looking tall vase with a nice bronze-y patina and I put huge branches of dogwood and apple along with long stems of ivory lilac, apricot parrot tulips and coral peonies.

Centerpiece at the Commander's Mansion. Photo by Krista Photography.

Peony gorgeousness. Photo by Krista Photography.

The two photos above are table-view and then up-close detail of the arrangements by day. Below, the arrangements by night. Such a different feel. I can’t decide which look I like best, probably the evening though since there is nothing more beautifully flattering to people and flowers like candlelight! And that coral peony, well, it’s just perfection.

Centerpiece by candlelight. Photo by Krista Photography.

Candle centerpieces aglow. Photo by Krista Photography.

The centerpiece designs featured two styles, seen above and at left. We scored lots of pretty crab apple branches at the flower market and incorporated those with white lilac,  some spirea, fringe-y white tulips, apricot parrot tulips, and Juliet garden roses, and hot coral peonies.Half of the table designs were a collection of pillar candles with the garden roses and peonies tucked in along the base for a romantic look.







Chair Flowers for the Bride and Groom. Photo by Krista Photography

We of course love the pretty details. While we know it might feel like unneeded luxury to add something like flower and ribbons to the chairs for the bride and groom, we do think those special touches really make a difference in an event feeling unique.

View of the tent at the Commander’s Mansion. Photo by Krista Photography.


Jennifer Cox of Esq. Events, the event planner for the wedding, said it best, “Many weddings have elaborate themes but this wedding proves that sometimes all it takes is a beautiful color palette to create a beautiful wedding.” She wrote a lovely little piece about the details behind this wedding in the Prepare to Wed newsletter.


Florals by Petalena

Photos by Krista Photography

Planning by Esq. Events

Venue by Commander’s Mansion

Just a few lovely photos by Ciras Photography from a wedding we did in October with a great couple who wanted elegantly organic wedding flowers at the Warren Center in Massachusetts. With a color palette of purples, green, and silver – we were able to pull in a lot of gorgeous purple blooms and green foliage to create the design.

Bouquets of burgundy, pinks, and purples. Photo by Ciras Photography.

Our bride’s bouquet was lovely affair with large purple dahlias and hydrangea for the big flower forms, and lovely French ranunculus with fantastic green tufts at their centers. Hellebore, a favorite bloom of ours, comes back into season in the fall and we love using it for it’s pretty arching shape that lends a looser or natural look to a bouquet.  Purple-pink astrantia is another very petite and unique bloom,  reminds me a bit of allium, with its slightly spiky and sculptural look that is great for texture.

Groom's Boutonniere. Photo by Ciras Photography.

A boutonniere for the groom (above) was just a perfect little pom-pom style dahlia paired scented geranium foliage and a fiddlehead.

Bridesmaid and Bouquets. Photography by Ciras Photography.

Bouquets for the bridesmaids were smaller scale than the brides with a bit less of the deep pink touches, and bit more of the purples. The tonal purple bouquets against the deep pewter color of the dresses was striking and dramatic.

For the ceremony, we dressed up a white garden trellis with pears, persimmons, amaranthus, and hydrangea in tonal purple, ochre, and green hues.

Ceremony Arch. Photo by Ciras Photography.

Photo by Ciras Photography.

The reception, inside the Warren Center, was festive and colorful with napkins in purple and green, gorgeous table numbers, and our flowers too.

Table Flowers and Card. Photo by Ciras Photography.

Table numbers. Photography by Ciras Photography.

Our heartfelt thanks to Joyce and Andrew for having us help create such a special day for them, congratulations!

Thanks to Ciras Photography for sharing all their wonderful photos with us!

Florals by Petalena

Great news at Petalena as 2010 draws to close and we say a grand helllooo to 2011! One of our lovely weddings from last May is featured in the Spring/Summer 2011 The Knot Boston magazine. To say we’re thrilled is putting mildly!

The Knot Boston - Spring/Summer 2011 Issue

Petalena feature in The Knot Spring/Summer 2011 Issue

This was a lovely wedding, oh sigh, Apryl and I first fell in love with the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, the most dream-tastic place ever for those of us that love historic places, grand spaces, and imaginings of the lives that were lived there.

The photo by Krista Guenin of the bride’s bouquet reminds me of how lovely, soft, and romantic it was. Layers of petal-ness with cameo blush peonies, white ranunculus, and petite little sweet peas. It was so elegant and harmonious with the Vera Wang gown our bride wore. The reception featured soft tonal peaches and apricots with bursts of coral that made everything just hum.

To see more pictures of the flowers, peruse our post from the spring.

Professional photography by Krista Guenin


We love lush, pretty, tumbling flowery things here at Petalena (and  maybe just a little bit over the top flowery gorgeousness too!). But we also like to mix things up, creating other styles for clients who are looking for something a bit more ’rounded’ or contemporary like this fun wedding we did for a wonderful couple for their late summer wedding in Boston.

Bride's Bouquet. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

For our bride, we did a bouquet of tonal pinks using about five varieties of garden roses and a few dahlias for a very pretty and rounded look.  The mounted rose bouquet style can risk looking too monotonous so we like to vary the scale of the flowers used to create a dome shape. This keeps the style from feeling unnaturally ‘too perfect.’

Bridsmaid Bouquets. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

Bridesmaid bouquets were a bit smaller in scale and were a bit paler with more additions of pale cameo pink roses. Pretty, pretty.

Centerpieces for the Trustee Ballroom at Boston University where slightly on the petite side and rounded in shape with the use of waterlily style dahlias, dianthus and carnations, and garden roses. Completely bright, festive, and fun!

Table Design of Pinks. Photo by Tara Morris of Hitched Studios.

Carnations have received a bad rap but mixed in together in a tonal way with other rounded floral shapes, they are absolutely fantastic. Who doesn’t love a ruffle-y edged flower that smells fantastic and lasts for weeks?

Stay tuned on carnations and other super rounded flower forms, this might be a perfect topic for a July or August Flower Class with Petalena!


Roger & Gallet Vintage Carnation Soap.

(Plus, I have a bit of soft spot for carnations since my grandmother used the most wonderful carnation-scented soap by Roger & Gallet.)

Thank you to James and Nicole for having us be part of your special day.
And, additional thanks to Tara Morris of Hitched Studios for the beautiful photos!

Flowers & Design by Petalena
(Soap by Roger & Gallet!)

In putting together this blog post I’ve realized, we only have a handful of these cool temperature color palette weddings. The blues and purples has such a calming and refreshing quality to them. The day of this wedding was uber hot and soupy, I like to think it felt dreamy to come into a lovely cool air conditioned space and have these flowers and textures surround you!

Detail of Bride's Bouquet. Petalena, 2010.

I just love this detail of our bride’s bouquet – tons of peonies, white and lavender sweet peas, paired with ‘candy stripped’ phalenopsis orchids and purple orchids. We did lots of trailing ribbons and fastened the bride’s bouquet with a vintage pin Apryl discovered.

Detail of Tall Arrangement. Petalena, 2010.

Above is a pretty detail of the tall ‘over the head’ arrangements we did for half the tables. Each large arrangement was designed with long boughs of “Bridal Veil” white spirea, purple hydrangea, ivory peonies, purple ‘Mokara’ orchids, and touches of lavender lisanthus, and silver dusty miller foliage. We wanted the arrangements to feel breezy, light, and summery – not too heavy for this light, airy space in Danvers on the ocean.

View of Table Designs, High & Low. Petalena, 2010.

Half of the tables featured lower arrangements; we really like to do a combination of  two or three different styles if there are a lot of tables.  It gives the eye some variety and makes the space feel more dynamic.

Lower Table Design. Petalena, 2010.

The flowers for the low centerpieces were similar to what we worked with in the taller arrangement, but we cut each floral element a bit short to fit with the smaller overall scale. Loved, loved the dark purple lilacs tipped with white for these arrangements. I think the spirea added a lot, giving everything a flow-y, light feel.

Photos & Design by Petalena

We just got a few dreamy pictures from one of our fall brides of her wedding at the Lyman Estate in Waltham. Apryl and I are both big lovers of old houses and this spectacular property owned by Historic New England is no exception. But I digress, onto the flowers!

Jewel toned wedding party

I cropped this photo a bit just so we can focus on the color palette which is wonderful range of jewel toned cool colors. Each bridesmaid wore a different hue and we did neutral flowers to set off against the color. Our bride wore the most amazing dress, I’ve never seen anything so magical.

Sunset walk

We did her bouquet primarily with burgundy dahlias, hellebore, tulips, and ranunculas with some touches of green and gold.

Autumnal Bouquet


And lastly just a lovely bouquet shot of the flowers waiting before the ceremony. Here you can see the gorgeous Cafe Au Lait dahlias, a few touches of burgundy dahlias and fiddleheads, and soft velvety scented geranium leaves.

Thank you to lovely Caroline for sharing with us!

Photos by Amy Root-Donle

Design by Petalena

Lovely, lovely photos from a wedding we did this season in downtown Boston. I actually just saw our beautiful bride Elizabeth yesterday and she inspired us to finally craft this post!

Bride's Bouquet. Photo by Catharine Morris Photography.

Our bride knew just want she wanted – elegant deep sunset orange calla lilies perfectly elegant and simple.

Bridesmaid Bouquets. Photo by Catharine Morris Photography.

The bridesmaid bouquets were a bit different with a deep pink/orange rose, mokara orchids in deep orange and magenta, and a few of the same calla lilies used in the bride’s bouquet.

Wedding Party in front of the reflection pool. Catharine Morris Photography.

And the happy wedding couple surrounded above by their wedding party. I just love the champagne color of the bridesmaids dresses, a perfect elegant color – you can do anything with it! And the cute little flower girls wore celadon and knew exactly what they wanted. They put in a request: small bouquets of ivory calla lilies.

Table Design. Photo by Catharine Morris Photography.

The table design featured tall 2 1/2 feet tall cylinder vases filled with 4 foot tall Mitzumata branches, a flower cut at the top of each vases, and a bit of angel vine.

Photos by Catharine Morris Photography
Designs by Petalena