O.k., FINALLY I have narrowed down the selection of images from last weekend’s wedding to include to a few quite lovely ones. But it was so hard to decide! Apryl and I had the best time designing the arrangements for this wedding.


Oncidium Orchid Spray with Tree Stump & Moss

Our inspiration was ‘a walk in the woods.’ We imagined lots of soft beautiful mosses, the way the ground is sort of springy under your feet with all the pine needles and organic materials gently breaking down over time…ferns at the bases of trees, wild Lady’s Slipper orchids on a forest floor.


Lady's Slipper Orchids with Maidenhair Ferns

We had so much fun sourcing the materials for this wedding, foraging for moss near Petalena Studio and up in Maine and New Hampshire when we were there visiting friends and family (thank you to Christine especially!).


Terrarium with Orange Cattaelya Orchids

We did three different style for the tables (1) low bronze trays filled with mosses, tree stumps, and orchids; (2) large glass hurricanes filled to create a terrarium of orchids, mosses, lichen, and ferns (3) low cork containers filled with mosses, ferns, and orchids. Kind of picking up theme here? Yes, we used A LOT of mosses, orchids, and fern! But what was so fabulous, was that despite having only three primary materials, each arrangement was so unique from the next.


Low Cork Vessel filled with Phalenopsis Orchids, Maidenhair Ferns, & Mosses

I love this photo because although it is a little hard to see, there’s Apryl in the background, wearing a deep magenta top that is practically the same color as the orchid here. We always joke that we subconsciously dress to match each of weddings – but we actually do!

I had gobs of fun creating the entry table arrangement, which despite my fancy camera, I could not get a decent shot – so fingers crossed the professional photographer might have take a few lovelies. Stay tuned on that one…


Entry Table Arrangement

I’ll show a few more here so you can see all the fabulous detail, plants tucked here and there, it really looked like I didn’t even create this – it looked like it literally was plopped right out of the forest.


Entry Table Arrangement (detail)


Backside of Entry Table Arrangement


Lady's Slipper Orchid (detail)

It was so fun making this design. As staff, other vendors, and clients walked by, people would stop and say, “Did you make this? Good for you!” Or these two big guys who were delivering this massively heavy photo booth who actually stopped, looked at the entry table and said “Dude, that is freakin’ cool!” You know something is pretty unique when even a random guy feels compelled to say something!


Blood Orange Cattaelya Orchids (detail)

Oh sign, Shannon & Troy, thank you so much for having us be part of your day, it was fantastic!

Photos & Design by Petalena