Lace patterns on pumpkins

Pumpkins, a comforting sign of autumn right? Folksey  and charming but stylish? Let’s see what Petalena can do!

Last weekend Apryl and I worked on a few ideas for one of our fall weddings that takes place in one of Boston’s beautiful private clubs. Our bride adores the fall, bright oranges, textures, and foliage so we’re incorporating a feeling of fall throughout the design for the reception.

Here are few things we played around with to make pumpkins a little more unique and fitting for an elegant venue. We’re also planning to punch out shapes in pumpkins that will be used as the table arrangements. We’ll post more photos of that soon!

At left and below we used a lace pattern and stenciled in the pattern with an espresso brown paint. We love the effect, elegant and interesting. But it’s a bit too much if you also cut out out the pumpkin.

Another detail of pumpkins

This photo kind of cracks me up, you can barely see it, but while I was working on the pumpkins, I took off my earrings (because they were getting heavy!) and put them on the table. Clearly I’m drawn to this kind of swirling lace-like style since my earring are practically the same pattern as what is on the pumpkin!